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Who We Are

Welcome to the vibrant and inviting world of dance at Studio 9 Dance Academy! Located in the southeast suburbs of Denver, we strive to be where creativity, passion, and pure joy come together in perfect harmony.

Our mission is simple: to provide top-notch dance instruction that blends the timeless elegance of classical training with the excitement of contemporary dance. Our priority is giving our students a safe place to explore the world of dance all while finding joy in the exploration. Whether your student is just starting out or you're a seasoned dancer, there is something for everyone.

We offer a wide variety of classes and coursework, while also offering our exclusive 'Company 9.' This competitive dance group is open to dancers aged 5 to 18 who have what it takes to wow the crowd. Auditions for this electrifying crew happen every May – don't miss your chance to shine!

We have the most incredible team of highly qualified instructors waiting to welcome you in! They are not only masters of classical dance but also well-versed in contemporary techniques in multiple disciplines and cannot wait to help you embrace your potential. The heart and soul behind Studio 9 Dance Academy are our wonderful directors, Heather Elliott and Lesley Henry. Together, they bring a perfect balance of talent, experience, and enthusiasm to the studio. Their passion for dance and commitment to our community shine through in everything we do.


So, whether you're looking to dance for sheer delight, to build a dance career, or to join our extraordinary 'Company 9,' Studio 9 Dance Academy is the place to be. 

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Our Mission

Studio 9 Dance Academy is founded on the characteristics associated with the number 9: artistic genius, inner strength and humanitarianism


We strive to instill self-confidence, a belief in hard work, and a joy of dance in every one of our dancers. We want to help our students find what is unique and special in them and project that onto the world through dance.  


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