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Fall/Spring Schedule Runs August 12, 2024 to May 23, 2025

Tuition Rates Can Be Found Here; Due 1st of Every Month (August is Pro-Rated)

Classes Below Placed by Age

AGES 18 MO. to 2 YRS: Dreamers (Class Taken with Parent/Guardian)
AGES 2 to 3 YRS: Artists Ballet

AGES 3 to 4 YRS: Navigators Ballet/Tap, Shakers Hip-Hop

AGES 4 to 5 YRS: Creators Ballet/Tap, Shakers Hip-Hop

AGES 5 to 6 YRS: Explorers Ballet/Tap/Jazz, Breakers Hip-Hop

Most Classes Below Require Placement/Evaluation

AGES 6 to 8 YRS: Levels 1 - 2 
AGES 8 to 11 YRS: Level 3 

AGES 9 to 12 YRS: Levels 4 - 5 & PreTeen* Classes

AGES 12 to 16 YRS: Level 6 & Teen* Classes

AGES 13+ YRS: Elite Level, Teen/Adult* Classes

*PreTeen, Teen, + Adult Classes do not Require Placement

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Children's program (ages 18 months to 6 YEARS)

Ballet Levels program

Jazz Levels program

Tap Levels program

Hip-hop Levels program

Lyrical/Contemporary Levels program

Stretch, Strength, Flexibility program

acro program

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