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Company 9 Committee

Who we are

The Company Nine Committee is a
group of parents whose mission, with the support of the Studio and Company directors, is to enrich the Company Nine community. Our vision is to foster an environment that inspires dancers, directors, and parents to collectively create a positive, fun, and growth-oriented environment — on and off the marley.

We are volunteers who wish to serve and lead by example, and all are welcome to join us.

What we do

The Company Nine Committee provides year-round support to the C9 dancers, directors, and families, and works with Studio 9 to help make annual shows and other events a success.

We provide financial support through a variety of fundraising efforts, helping families and directors fill gaps in the budget and ease financial burdens throughout the season. We also fundraise to provide team- and community-building activities, events, items, and more at little or no cost to Company families. 

Company Nine Committee support includes, but is not limited to:
  • Concessions, flower bouquet pre-orders, dancer meals, and merchandise for:

    • Winter Ballet

    • Spring Showcase

  • Auction, raffle, and marketing for the annual Benefit Concert

  • Company merchandise fundraising

  • Facilitating individual fundraisers

  • Company Nine banquet

  • Senior shirts & similar gifts

  • Company Nine marketing and communication 

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