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Studio 9 Dance Academy

Curious about becoming a part of the Studio 9 Dance Academy family, but not quite sure which class suits your dancer's groove? Well, you're in luck! We're thrilled to offer a FREE Trial Class for any of our open slots. Zero commitment, all the dance vibes! 

If you're eyeing more than one class (because why limit yourself, right?), we've got something extra special for you. Grab our 7-Day Unlimited Class Pass for just $30. With this pass, you can sample multiple styles and levels to find the perfect fit for your dancing superstar. It's like a dance buffet, and you're invited to enjoy it all! Ready to take the leap into the dance world? Simply shoot us an email at to snag your 7-Day Class Pass now.
(We'll even waive the $30 registration fee when you register for a class with your pass.)

It's a win-win that gets your groove on without breaking the bank.

Feel the rhythm, catch the beat, and dance your heart out at Studio 9.
We can't wait to see you bust a move!

Review how to sign up for a free Trial Class in the video below 

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