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Studio 9 Dance Academy - Parker, CO

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Classes + Coursework

At Studio 9 Dance Academy we are dedicated to providing a diverse range of instructional courses that blend the timeless elegance of classical training with the excitement of contemporary dance. Our extensive programs are designed to cater to all dance enthusiasts, spanning from the youngest talents to seasoned performers.

Our range of courses includes the first steps of the Children's Program Classes, the grace and precision of ballet and pointe, the emotive expression of lyrical, the rhythmic beats of tap, the high-energy moves of hip-hop, the mastery of turns, leaps, and conditioning classes, and more!

Summer at Studio 9

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For more information, please call us at 720.616.7919 or email us at!

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My daughter began taking classes at Studio 9 eight years ago in the parent/tot class. She’s now enrolled in many classes and competes with Company 9. It amazes me how much she has grown as a dancer and as an independent little person thanks to the incredible instruction, support, and dedication of all of the staff at this studio. Thank you, Studio 9, for giving my child such an incredible experience!

We love everything about Studio 9! They offer a beautiful, inviting space where our kids (both our sons and our daughter) can explore their love for dance without feeling any pressure or expectations. Ms. Becca leads the Children’s Program and has truly loved our kids through their best… aaaaand their worst. She is insanely patient, genuinely loves them, and wants them to enjoy their time in the Studio. We started at the studio about four years ago when our oldest was 18 months old and I’m confident we’ll be at Studio 9 until our youngest graduates high school. We absolutely couldn’t recommend it enough!

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For us, the value at Studio 9 is in the people. Becca, who runs the Children's Program, is second-to-none, bringing enthusiasm, inspiration, and FUN to a variety of classes for beginning dancers. Lesley's passion for classical and contemporary ballet is infectious, and while her creativity and choreography is spectacular, her kindness and care for the dancers is what keeps us coming back. Holly and Andrea, who direct the competitive company, give so much of themselves to help grow our kids as dancers and people while helping them navigate wins, losses, teammates, teen years, and everything in between.

In addition to wonderful teachers, S9 offers older dancers the opportunity to help aid classes and camps for little ones, inspiring a new generation of dance teachers who truly love what they do. If you're looking for people who care and strive for progress over perfection, you'll find what you need at Studio 9!

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